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Table of contents

Where Owls Live………….1


What Owls Do…………….2


What And How Owls Eat….3


What Owls Look Like……..4


Other Interesting Owl Facts…5




































Where Owls Live

Owls live in different places. Owls live from the desert to the artic tundra.  Owls don’t build nests.  Owl’s nests are different.  Owls live close to people.  Some owls live in burrows.  Owls live in human made places.  Owls can live in forests.  Owls sometimes live in barns or old buildings.  Owls can live in tree stumps.  An owl can live in a tree.





















What Owls Do


Don’t be afraid of owls.  Owls will not harm humans.  Owls do migrate.  Owl’s eyes can’t move so they turn their head.  Baby owls learn to fly at ten weeks old.  Owls don’t see color.  Owls perch on branches.  It’s against the law to harm owls.  Owls and crows dislike each other.























What And How Owls Eat

Owls are big hunters.  Owls are predators.  Owls have a big appetite.   Owls find pray by sound.  Owls don’t have teeth so they swallow stuff whole.  When a Great Horned Owl is hungry he’ll eat about any small animal.  Some owls eat other owls.  Owls will eat shrew, rats, mice, rabbits, frogs, beetles, spiders, snakes, and skunks.  Talons are used for hunting.  Owls mostly eat rodents.  Owls have strong beaks.




















What Owls Look Like


Owls have different color feathers. Owls blend in with stuff.  Owls can have spots.  Owls can be huge.  Owls have round heads.  Some owls have yellow eyes.  Owls are different sizes.  Owls have flat faces and big eyes.  Owls have sharp talons!  Baby owls are pink.
























Where Owls Live


Owls live in different places. Owls live from desert to the artic tundra.  Owls don’t build nests.  Owls live close to people.  Owls can live in burros.  Owls can live in human made places. Some owls live in forests. Owls sometimes live in barns.  Owls can live in tree stumps. Owls also live in trees.























Other interesting Owl Facts


       Owls don’t like the cold.  Owls are like tigers.  Owls have enemies.  Owls are not picky.  Owls are birds.  Owls are good hunters.  There are 104 types of owls.  Most owls are nocturnal.  Owls are active.  An owl has four toes.  Baby owls are called owlets.  Owls have good hearing.  Owls have a third eyelid.  In spring owls mate.  You rarely see owls.